Category: Syria & Environmental Issues

Non-Conventional Water Use in Mediterranean Area

In vast areas of the Mediterranean basin, water scarcity and environmental degradation associated with the pressure on the meager water resources, mainly due to the imbalance between supply and demand, represents an environmental threat and a first-order bottleneck for the economic activities and sustainable development of the involved countries. In addition, arid and semi-arid areas …

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National Action Plan to Combat Desertification In Syria

The Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs (MSEA) is acting for implementation provisions of the International Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) after having been ratified in 1997; the National Action Plan to Combat Desertification (NAP) comes as one of the basic objectives for execution the convention. Many efforts were implemented and others are still under …

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National Biodiversity Strategy And Action Plan In Syria

The national biodiversity strategy in Syria contains the following contents: 1. General Information about Syria. 2. Status of Biodiversity in Syria 3. Guiding Principles for Biodiversity Conservation in Syria. 4. National Capacities in Biodiversity Management. 5. Aims of National Biodiversity Strategy. 1- General Information about Syria: Syria is an ancient land whose history goes back …

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Syrian Strategy & National Environmental Action Plan

The Syrian Arab Republic lies on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Turkey from the north, Iraq from the east, Jordan from the south, and the Mediterranean Sea and Lebanon and Palestine from the west. Land surface area is 185,180 km2; one third of which is fertile lands and forests. …

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Environment problems in Syria

Dr. Ghassan Shahin

Environmental Background : Syria’s population expansion rate of 3.6% is placing increasing pressure on the country’s resources . In addition to that industrial and agricultural sector activities are effecting a large number of components of the environment including water , land resources and air . In turn these effects all have a negative bearing on …

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Environmental Affairs in Syria

Dr.Eng. Abdulrzzak Alturkmani

Most efforts at developing national capacity in environmental affairs are donor-funded, as are many of the efforts at environmental remediation. The World Bank, UNDP, and the EU’s Mediterranean environment technical assistance program (METAP) are the key donors in this sector. Opportunities also exist in clean technology for new industries. Syria is slowly developing the organizational …

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