Category: Solid Wastes

Sludge Treatment

Dr.Eng. Abdulrzzak Alturkmani

Jeddah – KSA –2012 1-  General The suspended solids that are removed in a wastewater treatment plant are derived from the raw wastewater as well as from solids generated in the biological treatment processes. The solids are likely to contain micro-organisms which may contribute to the transmission of diseases, as well as organic and inorganic …

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Sludge Processing Methods – Sludge Thickening

Definition… Wastewater treatment objectives are accomplished by concentrating impurities into solid form and then separating these solids from the bulk liquid. These concentration of solids, referred to as sludge, contains many objectionable materials and must be disposed of properly. The sludge resulting from wastewater treatment operations and process is usually in the form of a …

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