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Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant In Jordan

267000 m3/d



The wastewater management system for the Greater Amman area includes the collection, conveyance and treatment of the wastewater generated in the Amman Russeifa — Zarqa basin, where 60% of the population of Jordan lives

Samra wastewater treatment plant project is  a public private partnership (ppp) for financing the construction and operation of a public infrastructure in Jordan based on a Build Operate Transfer approach over a period of 25 years, the first (BOT) project in Jordan, the first (BOT) project financed by USAID and a crucial element in its social, environmental and economical development

The project budget was $169 million financed by the following partners

Inlet Turbines
Raw water from Am Ghazal pretreatment facility flows through a 01 500 mm pipe into two Pelton turbines where electrical power is generated. The head between Am Ghazal and Samra is around 100 meters.

Grit & Sulfide Removal
The outlet joins the incoming wastewater from Zarqa and Hashimiyya pumping stations and distributed into the grit and sulfide removal tanks.
Air is introduced at the bottom of the grit chamber causing heavy particles to settle. Air bubbles cause oil, grease and scum to float on the surface. Ferric Chloride is used for sulfide removal if needed.
Primary Settling Tanks
The effluent from the sulfide removal tanks is distributed into four primary settling tanks. These tanks remove about 65% of the total suspended solids TSS and 40% of the BOD5 .
Aeration Tanks
Settled water from the primary settling tanks is distributed into eight biological reactors consisting of three zones:
·         Anoxic zone for exogenous denitrification.
·         Oxic zone where air is introduced continuously through air diffusers to remove BOD5 and initiate nitrification.



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