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Presentations (Environmental Engineering): Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Air and Energy

Dr.Eng. Abdulrzzak Alturkmani

By This subject a wide range of environmental engineering presentations will be availble to be used by students, professionals, acadimic staff and engineers. So, I hope to provide these presentations a useful information.

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Dr.Eng Abdulrzzak Alturkmani


 Institutional strengthening in water supply and sanitation
*  Operation of WWTPs
 Preliminary and primary Treatment by Austermann-Haun
 Sludge Drying by Hiller Company
*  The importance of analytical examination for waste water monitoring
*  Integrated Water Resource Management
*  Efficient Liquid-Solid Separation by Low Energy Micro-flotation
*  Anaerobic Treatment
*  Development phases of water management in Germany
 Options for Sustainable Wastewater Management
*  Design of a WWTP by Pfeiffer
*  Filtration Separation of Solids Particles from Flu Gas
*  Water Conservation
*  Application of geo-plastics
*  Waste Incineration Systems
*  Secondary fuels in industrial processes for substitution of fossil fuels
 Systematic evaluation of energy conversion in the field of thermal waste treatment
*  Integration of Thermal Waste Treatment
*  landfill construction by SIG Umweltwochen
*  WWTPs design simulation by Waad Arabi
*  Selected fundamentals of wind energy by Winkel
*  Why became an energetic utilization of waste
*  Thermal Utilization of complete Used Tyres
*  Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources and their Possibilities
 Thermal Utilization of Wastes in Decentralized Plants
*  Solar thermal Plants
*  Planning implementation and operation of constructed wetlands
 Bio-treatment of wastes to produce Biogas by Dr. Omiema Nasser
 Substitution of primary fuels by refused derived fuels
*  Renewable energies in Germany

Activated Sludge Separation Problems
Aerobic Wastewater Treatment
Anaerobic Digester Design
Burlington WWTP
Clarifier Design
Electrical Design Considerations For WWTPs
Emission Austria
Estimation – CSTRs
Expanding Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity
Flow Equalization
Flow Measurement
Grey Water Systems
Grey water Treatment
Health Risks of Grey Water
Grit Removal
Irrigation Requirements For Treated Wastewater
Sewer Distribution Systems
Membrane Bioreactors
Onsite Wastewater Review
Onsite Wastewater Disposal-EPA
Primary Sedimentation
Pumping Station
Reactor Volume Computation
Removal Pathways
Secondary Clarifier
Sludge Disposal
Sludge Stabilization
Sludge Thickening Design
New Trends of Wastewater Management
Wastes Control
Wastewater Management
Wastewater Treatment Plant Flowchart
Wastewater Treatment Processes
Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
Examples of Deficiencies of WWTP