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Autorake AR 1400 : New Hydraulic Bar Screen

Sondra Somer

May 2, 2008

Livingston, NJ — The Autorake® Model 1400 is a front cleaned, hydraulic bar screen uniquely adapted for deep channel installations. The unit’s design coordinates the motion of a mobile rake comb, which travels up and down driven by a hydraulic motor and sprocket.

As the rake comb reaches the bottom of the screen, it turns 90 degrees and inserts its tines into the bar slots. The motor, rotating in reverse, smoothly and efficiently lifts trapped screenings upward. The unit is suitable for very deep channels with a total travel of up to fifty feet.

The AR 1400 is available in stainless or carbon steel for long life and low maintenance. With its hydraulic construction, the unit is ideally suited for severe, explosion –proof, corrosive or humid environments.

The AR 1400 replaces manually operated raking systems, improving plant operations and reducing cost and maintenance. The unit can be installed in new or existing channels and can be configured with auxiliary lift conveyors, dewatering equipment and grinders to meet any requirement.

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