Private Consulting Studies Relating to Environment & Pollution in Syria - Free Scientific Help for Arabic Environmental Engineering Students

Dr.Eng Abdulrzzak Alturkmani
Website Master

  Presentations (Environmental Engineering): Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Air and Energy  
  Sludge Treatment  
  Bulking Sludge and its Control  
  Hitachi Develops Solid CO2 Adsorbent Material for Coal-fired Power Plants  
  Equalization Tank Design  
  Validation of an Onsite Wastewater Risk Assessment Model  
  Environmental organizations call on EPA to eliminate super greenhouse gases from household and small commercial refrigeration  
  Sludge Processing Methods, Sludge Thickening  
  Sludge Disposal  
  Wastewater Treatment Process Options for Al-Esmaieleia and Al-Rastan WWTP in Syria  
  Computer-aided Design & GIS Applications in Wastewater Treatment & Sanitation  
  Wastewater Characterization for Evaluation of Biological Phosphorus Removal  
  Water hammer  
  Non-Conventional Water Use in Mediterranean Area  
  Introduction to Industrial Wastewater Treatment  
  Preliminary Treatment Of Industrial Wastewater  
  Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant In Jordan  
  Optimization of Various MBR Systems for Water Reclamation  
  Vegetable Oil Separation PhD Thesis  
  Dairy Industry Effluents Treatment PhD Thesis  

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