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  Environmental Engineering Presentations: Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste, Air and Energy

 By This subject a wide range of environmental engineering presentations will be availble to be used by students, professionals, acadimic staff and engineers. So, I hope to provide these presentations a useful information.

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Dr.Eng Abdulrzzak Alturkmani


*  Institutional strengthening in water supply and sanitation
*  Operation of WWTPs
*  Preliminary and primary Treatment by Austermann-Haun
*  Sludge Drying by Hiller Company
*  The importance of analytical examination for waste water monitoring
*  Integrated Water Resource Management
*  Efficient Liquid-Solid Separation by Low Energy Micro-flotation
*  Anaerobic Treatment
*  Development phases of water management in Germany
*  Options for Sustainable Wastewater Management
Design of a WWTP by Pfeiffer
Filtration Separation of Solids Particles from Flu Gas
*  Water Conservation
*  Application of geo-plastics
*  Waste Incineration Systems
*  Secondary fuels in industrial processes for substitution of fossil fuels
*  Systematic evaluation of energy conversion in the field of thermal waste treatment
*  Integration of Thermal Waste Treatment
*  landfill construction by SIG Umweltwochen
*  WWTPs design simulation by Waad Arabi
*  Selected fundamentals of wind energy by Winkel
*  Why became an energetic utilization of waste
*  Thermal Utilization of complete Used Tyres
*  Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources and their Possibilities
*  Thermal Utilization of Wastes in Decentralized Plants
*  Solar thermal Plants
*  Planning implementation and operation of constructed wetlands
*  Bio-treatment of wastes to produce Biogas by Dr. Omiema Nasser
Substitution of primary fuels by refused derived fuels
*  Renewable energies in Germany

Activated Sludge Separation Problems
* Aerobic Wastewater Treatment
Anaerobic Digester Design
Burlington WWTP
* Clarifier Design
* Electrical Design Considerations For WWTPs
* Emission Austria
* Estimation – CSTRs
* Expanding Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity
* Flow Equalization
* Flow Measurement
* Grey Water Systems
* Grey water Treatment
* Health Risks of Grey Water
* Grit Removal
* Irrigation Requirements For Treated Wastewater
* Sewer Distribution Systems
* Membrane Bioreactors
* Onsite Wastewater Review
* Onsite Wastewater Disposal-EPA
* Primary Sedimentation
Pumping Station
* Reactor Volume Computation
* Removal Pathways
* Screening
* Secondary Clarifier
* Sludge Disposal
* Sludge Stabilization
* Sludge Thickening Design
* New Trends of Wastewater Management
* Wastes Control
* Wastewater Management
* Wastewater Treatment Plant Flowchart
* Wastewater Treatment Processes
* Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
* Examples of Deficiencies of WWTP